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By jason (registered) | Posted September 22, 2014 at 13:55:06

Great stuff Chris. Appreciate you publishing this and sharing your thoughts.
That particular columnist in the Spec only knows divisive debate and pot-stirring. I can appreciate you feeling caught by surprise at how your research was misused.

I was particularly impressed with Hamilton's current ridership as you mention in comparison to Calgary when it started LRT. Also, I'm pleased with your confirmation of the assessment that there is plenty of development sites available on the B-Line route. You mention the current physical conditions perhaps not being great for LRT, which I agree with. But I've long felt that all the underused land along the route is exactly what will provide use the opportunity to change the physical conditions and allow greater EcDev spinoff to take place.

The fact that we have such tremendous assets going for us in the Downtown-McMaster corridor is a huge plus. And as you mention, ridership is very high along the entire route.
As Steer Davies Gleave reported, ridership will come in at the middle of the pack among N. American LRT systems on day one.

Finally, thank you for stating the obvious that we should follow through with the original recommendation to convert Main to two-way traffic. It never made any sense to me why we would leave it one-way with LRT on King.


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