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By jason (registered) | Posted September 11, 2014 at 21:13:25 in reply to Comment 104435

I guess if I had to think of the collection of E/W main roads being discussed here, my top pref would look something like this: King St: 1-lane each way, curb parking on both curbs (perhaps some 7-9 restrictions heading into downtown and 4-6 leaving downtown in the eve).

Cannon: the new cross-section east of Victoria extended to Hess: 24-7 parking on north side, 2 traffic lanes, protected bike lanes. Alternately, both car lanes could become 1 each way with necessary turning lanes at intersections being accommodated by losing a few parking spots approaching the intersection.

Main: north curb lane converted to protected 2-way cycle track. 2-way LRT in the next two lanes. 2 eastbound car lanes.

And yes, all the N/S streets can become two-way tomorrow. But I'd worry that the city won't calm them appropriately. They'll try to accommodate 2-lanes each way like we did on Wilson. Wellington/Victoria etc. can, and should become neighbourhood arterials with 24-7 parking, 1-lane each direction and protected 2-way bike lanes.

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