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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted September 09, 2014 at 16:27:54

Is there anyone alive today other than me who remembers the chaos on our major arteries when they were two way and bottled up with the street cars relying on overhead wires that disconnected frequently backing up everyone? Do they remember being significantly opposed to the one way street plans and then changing their minds when, overall, it significantly improved traffic congestion in the City and significantly reduced the amount of time spent in transit both public and private? Do they remember bragging to their friends in other cities, particularly Toronto, about how the one way streets vastly improved their lives? Do they remember the planners telling developers who would have been like Vancor, to relax and to wait and see and not to wine about their particular street as overall everyone would benefit? Is there anyone who realizes that the reduction in Hamilton's traffic is a symptom and not a cause of decay largely based on the shift in world economics having nothing at all to do with one way or two way streets, but giving us all the benefit of reduced traffic flow and saving us time and energy? Is there anyone here who acknowledges that overall traffic safety is far superior today than at any time in history per capita or otherwise? Is there anyone fearful that plugging up our roadways will create a reduction in safety, an increase in frustration and cost with no proven benefits?

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