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By Mark-AlanWhittle (registered) - website | Posted July 30, 2014 at 08:49:45

Knock down sticks are a false sense of security. They will not stop anything, especially a car careening out of control. I'm waiting for Bike-share so we can see how many people are actually willing to pay a membership fee and pay $5 or $6 dollars an hour to ride a bike, after the first free hour. The system will need at least 5,000 members, and 15,000 casual users for the Bike-share system to be viable. The system will be available at the end of September, maybe. Their business plan is secret, and they won't say how many memberships have be sold to date. Justin Jones bought a yearly membership, but he doesn't live in Hamilton anymore. Other than him, nobody else has admitted on social media that they have bought a membership. Have any RTH commenters bought a membership? Does anyone know why it's taking so long to roll out the system?

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