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By jason (registered) | Posted July 19, 2014 at 23:09:42 in reply to Comment 103303

excellent stuff. You are right on all counts. And correct to point out that NONE of this is earth-shattering or hugely controversial. Yet the impact would be massive. I honestly think Bay St is ready right now for a row of planters on it's east lane for a two-way bike lane from Bold St to Barton. Or to keep it even simpler as you've suggested, just knockdown sticks and some portable curbs. The eastern lane is simply not needed. Heck, it's painted off as a dead zone from Main to King. And this isn't a massive arterial in LA - we don't need TWO turning lanes at every intersection. One works just fine thx.

Also right about Churchill Park. So annoying. That's the worst part of my ride if I choose to head north to Cootes Paradise. Either go all the way around the school, or bump all over the place cutting through the park.

Main getting the Yes We Cannon treatment isn't as controversial as one might think. First off, I would suggest we protect the lane with street parking which cuts down on the cost for lots of planters etc. This week Main was down to 3 live lanes near Bay for 2 days. Still a freeway. Turn the north lane into 2-way bike lane, paint a few foot buffer then add street parking to protect it. Viola. 3 live lanes remain and our most horrendous street is humanized a great deal and made safer for all transport modes with some paint and knockdown sticks. To really have an impact, plant street trees in new corner bumpouts in the parking lane and along suitable spots on both sidewalks, north and south, to green the street and make it a welcoming entrance and public space near city hall-AGH instead of a dead freeway.

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