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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2014 at 22:48:30 in reply to Comment 103272

My shopping list of "low-ish-hanging-fruit". None of this stuff would be politically easy, but none of it is pie-in-the-sky fantasyland either.

1) Connect YesWeCannon with some bike-friendly means to go South after passing Jackson Square.

2) Give the normal local-road mixed-traffic "bike-routes" some loving. Identify all-way-stops for "Yield-to-cyclists" signs on a case-by-case basis. Any recommended "bike routes" are a must-convert, and unconvertable or regular stops on bike-lanes should be considered for converting into a traffic signal. Napier is my example here. This is actually good for drivers because it encourages cyclists to use the identified bike routes instead of biking in their way on King. Better bike route signage would be nice too - saying "bike path goes thataway" means nothing if it doesn't tell me where it's headed like a highway sign, since bike-routes aren't really "streets" when they jump around so much.

3) Convert various minor arterials and local streets to two way wherever width permits. The ones nobody will cry "war on cars" about, like doing the rest of Caroline. Nobody gives a crap if Caroline is 2-way or not, except it would make biking (and walking) on such streets less terrifying.

4) Take the little strip of double-wide-unprotected-bike-lane on Victoria north of Barton and extend it down to the Clairmont. Give every north-south 4-lane 1-way street this treatment.

All the stuff I've identified above would make a huge improvement to cycling in the lower-city, and it mostly would involve paint and signs and putting up a couple of traffic-lights on one-way intersections to make them two-way.

Then, you do the bigger, somewhat controversial stuff:

5) Main street gets the Yes We Cannon treatment.

6) South half of the Clairmont Access becomes a pedestrian/cyclist promenade, and a yellow line is painted onto the north side. Rejiggering the intersections is the only expensive part.

7) Properly protect those north/south bike lanes I mentioned in (4).

8) Because I live in Westdale, a proper freaking paved path across Churchill Park, goddamn it.

None of the stuff I mentioned above is massive moon-shot Earthshattering changes. It's not LRT. It's not converting Main and Cannon to two-way. It's not a pedestrian-only James Street.

It's paint and knock-down-sticks and jersey barriers and reclaiming a little bit of overbuilt roadway.

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