Comment 102454

By Mal (anonymous) | Posted June 14, 2014 at 14:46:13 in reply to Comment 102449

Now that the Liberals hold a solid majority, the will of Opposition/Third Party members is arguably a trifle. Their votes are not required to pass legislation, their voices will be marginalized in committee and they no longer possess any leverage with regard to the content of budgets. The government will do as it wishes. The notion of Hamilton speaking with a "unified voice" in the Legislature only matters inasmuch as the NDP members are inclined to agree with the member for ADFW.

The possibility of Hamilton Centre being contested in a not-too-distant by-election is what will probably have the greatest impact on Hamilton's LRT prospects. Regardless of whether it will or should actually transpire, were Ms. Horwath to step down as leader, the Liberals would potentially be able to expand their foothold while facing disoriented parties on the other side of the House. This might embolden the Liberals to paint policy in broad strokes.

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