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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted June 11, 2014 at 13:25:28 in reply to Comment 102336

With the proposed budget this will result in a combined (federal and Ontario) top marginal tax rate of 49.53% in 2013 (47.97% in 2012), an effective increase of 3.12% over the previous top tax rate of 46.41%.

I can't open your doc, but I have seen Chart 8, Where do you get top marginal rate have dropped dramatically since 1980? There was one dramatic cut from a top of about 69% to 51% in 1980-83. But since then it has fluttered about. It has risen each of the last three years.

Given that people can leave, the drop in the marginal tax rate was largely caused by changes in U.S. tax law and in response to a wicked recession with inflation.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a union funded institution - hardly objective. You can get counter arguments from the Fraser Institute, but I doubt you would accept them as objective. (See

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