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By jason (registered) | Posted June 04, 2014 at 23:28:49 in reply to Comment 102047

well said. I agree with Nick and am actually excited to try out these new lanes (still not sure what I'll do from MacNab to Catharine mind you). A look back through the RTH pieces on Hunter St has shown a slow progression from excitement to what we see today. A completely unresponsive staff for 2 years certainly has that affect. Even with all other flaws and complaints one could find with these new lanes, it would be easy to give them a pass had they simply left the parking on the south side as was suggested numerous times and used the parking to protect the lanes.
But to see city hall actually spend more money having to move the parking signs, meters etc... is quite frustrating. Having said that, I would be happy with a combo of knockdown sticks and rubber or concrete curbs. Let's get the central section built next spring and we've got a useful two-way bike track downtown.

Based on design drawings and info I've seen, I suspect the mood will be downright euphoric when Cannon opens. Nobody is looking to be overly negative. But let's be honest, no other media outlet is going to call out the city on a sub-standard design. The others will all complain about the cost and 1.7 seconds added to their car trip. RTH has a bit of niche here, so I can appreciate hearing the frustration combined with practical solutions.

Seeing green bike boxes will be a big moment in Hamilton, and will receive praise here I suspect.

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