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By Have 'em at every stoplight. (anonymous) | Posted May 25, 2014 at 19:54:39

They should be installed at every stoplight. No joke. I drive past multiple cameras in the city to and from my workplace (in a city which quite suprisingly does not have any red light cameras. You want insane? Try walking the crosswalks at Dixie and Eglington in Mississauga! The pedestrian buttons don't seem to work, the advance for cars turning left always trumps the walk light illuminating, and the don't walk flasher appears when you're halfway through the intersection. Bizarre!) and I've never had a ticket once.

I do like the intersections in our city that have the countdown timers. They work twofold - both for drivers and pedestrians, although inexplicably, the ones at Centennial and Queenston (running parallel to Queenston) count down to 0 far before the light changes.

I think that red light cameras should also catch those who make turns against the red where clearly marked (maybe they do that now, I don't know).


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