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By LOL_all_over_again (registered) | Posted May 21, 2014 at 21:53:02

Actually the number is way higher. The number of tickets was 15,000. The big difference in the offense between cars and cyclists is how and when the red light infraction occurs. In the overwhelming majority of cars running the red light it happens just as the light turns red, within a second or three. Almost always in that small window of time when both lights are red, well before the opposing light turns green. Some intersections are timed in such a way that it is very difficult to stop in time if the light catches the driver at just the right time.

Cyclists run the red light at any time of the cycle. When you're least expecting someone to be stupid enough to enter the intersection from the red lighted direction. Just like running a stop signs happens all the time by both cars and cycles. Typically a car approaches the stop sign, slows down usually to a crawl, checks for traffic and proceeds to go through the intersection and if clear with out coming to a complete stop. Yes it's illegal but it happens thousands of times a day. Cyclists very often run stop signs with out any significant reduction of speed. I live near McMaster and there are a significant number of bikes in the neigbourhood and I see it all the time. The one that really bothers me however is the morons who ride their bikes on the sidewalks, where there are bicycle lanes. But I guess we all have pet peeves.

It's not just that cyclists run lights and signs it's how they do it. Slowing a car down to 3 or 4 KPH and "running" red light is far removed from ignoring a light altogether. I believe this total disregard for the rules of the road is what irks drivers.

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