Comment 101495

By Keith (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2014 at 18:58:37 in reply to Comment 101481

Four cameras on the mountain- Upper Wentworth & Stone Church, Upper James & Brantdale, Mud & Paramount and Upper Sherman & Queensdale.

In regards to the yellow timings, you're correct that all the downtown ones are 3.3 seconds (technically 3.27) based off of OTM Book 12 timings. The intersection sizing would impact the all-red phase to allow all vehicles who may enter to leave before the next phase starts. Under red-light cameras these people would be "caught" but the all-red is meant is the best fail-safe we have to ensure an intersection is cleared before other movements start.

In terms of yellow on the Mountains, those would be impacted on streets where the speed is >80km/h so the reaction time component is increased.

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