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By ianreynolds (registered) | Posted May 21, 2014 at 14:19:16

I agree that crossing the streets in this city is a nightmare. I also believe that drivers licenses should be a lot easier to take away.

However, many signs point to red light cameras increasing accidents at those intersections. I've seen dozens of studies linked from the national motorists association, as well, but frankly who wouldn't expect them to say that?

At King and Dundurn last winter, my girlfriend got one because there was some ice on the road and she slowed down as the light turned yellow, coming to a stop a foot or so over the stop line. This was at King and Dundurn. Two weeks later in our mailbox is a ticket for 375 dollars saying she ran the red light. Her choices were pay it immediately, or fight it in court and lose time off of work. If she fought it in court and lost, they would "inform her insurance company which would raise her rates." Is that not literal blackmail/extortion? If you don't do this, we'll tell on you?

This all happened due to our vehicle, parked at the intersection, sliding a bit over the stop line. This is while we both drive reasonable speeds simply because we're so tired of people in cars doing dumb things. That's almost a full week's pay.

This is no way an attempt to be "boo hoo drivers are criminalized", because by and large many of us are terrible. It's simply managed incredibly poorly.

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