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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted May 02, 2014 at 01:47:36 in reply to Comment 100761

I didn't read it that way, as absolutist hyperbole.

But every case that I have read about, is lenient on the driver. Whether a drunk flies off the road and kills a nice girl at the bottom of the Wentworth stairs (my friend who lives at that corner witnessed another vehicle fly off that corner since, and no safety work has been done), or whether someone mismanages their condition and kills three people on York Blvd (an accident I directly witnessed the aftermath of and started sobbing when I read the sentencing report a few days ago because that was traumatizing to this passerby to even witness), and I could go on and on; the leniency of the penalties are concerning.

What do you expect but people to be pissed off.

Where victims were at fault, it is mentioned. Like a cyclist killed in the blind spot of a wide turning vehicle. Or the boy that had a freak accident cycling on the sidewalk on U James. I think these things are acknowledged as such. There is no need to attribute hyperbole to the author.

Because even the cases of deliberate negligence are a joke, and damn right it's cause for concern.

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