Articles from August, 2017

Festival of Friends: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Overall, it was a huge success to have the Festival back in Gage Park, but a few issues represent opportunities for improvement next year.
by Ryan Barath
Published August 09, 2017 in Commentary (3 comments)

Open Letter: LRT Privatization is Privatization
When you take what is currently a wholly owned and delivered not-for-profit public service and turn it into a profit-driven service delivered by private corporations, there's a name for that.
by Eric Tuck
Published August 09, 2017 in Opinion (8 comments)

Seeing Hamilton Through Fresh Eyes
A newcomer to Hamilton makes an important observation about people with disabilities.
by Michelle Martin
Published August 04, 2017 in Belonging (0 comments)

Ministry Approves Hamilton LRT Environmental Report
With this approval as part of the Environmental Assessment process, the project can move forward to a request for proposals to build and operate the line.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 03, 2017 in Special Report: Light Rail (12 comments)

Transportation Lessons for Hamilton from Ottawa
A weekend in Ottawa as an urban mobility tourist provided lots of examples of a city doing public transportation right.
by Jason Allen
Published August 01, 2017 in Special Report: Transit (5 comments)

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